The Big Dog Speaks

President Clinton is about to address Campus Progress’s national student conference. (It’ll be airing on C-SPAN soon, we’ll let you know when. You’ll want to tune in — we hear he may have something to say about Karl Rove and Plamegate.)

But perhaps the biggest story about Clinton’s speech is the person he chose to introduce him — Stephanie Nyombayire, a student at Swarthmore University, who came to the U.S. four years ago from Rwanda. Stephanie lost nearly a hundred family members and friends during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Now she’s the Outreach Director for the student-led Genocide Intervention Fund.

GIF and American Progress just launched a major campaign, Be a Witness, to get our television networks to start covering the ongoing genocide in Darfur — add your voice if you haven’t already.

It says a lot that President Clinton is willing to face up to his administration’s record on genocide, and give a boost to those working to stop the current one.

UPDATE: Just returned from the conference. President Clinton spoke for over an hour — a really fantastic speech, though no mention of Karl Rove.