Bolton: Not In A New York State of Mind

New UN Ambassador John Bolton might be damaged goods, but that isn’t stopping him from asking for ritzier digs. Apparently the hard-driving, mustachioed Bolton wasn’t satisfied with his standard Washington office space. Thus does the Washington Post report (in what shows that Bolton himself had no real doubts about his confirmation) on an odd request:

Two months ago, while his confirmation was in trouble, Bolton began efforts to double the office space reserved within the State Department for the ambassador to the United Nations, according to three senior department officials who were involved in handling the request.

Previous ambassadors have kept a small staff in Washington in a modest suite. Bolton told several colleagues he needed more space and a larger staff in Washington because, if confirmed, he intended to spend more time here than his predecessors did.

But perhaps one of the reasons Bolton’s predecessors spent so much time away from Washington is that the United Nations is actually located in New York. Maybe Bolton is just more interested in reforming his standard of living than in reforming the UN?

— Conor Clarke