Rice’s Rhetoric “Losing Steam”

The Bush administration’s rosy rhetoric on Iraq continues to do a disservice to Americans who want to be told the truth.

Headline: “Report: Iraq Insurgency Getting Stronger

The report noted the growing sophistication of the insurgency:

U.S. commanders say the number of attacks against American and Iraqi forces has held steady over the last year, averaging about 65 a day. But they concede the growing sophistication of guerrilla attacks and the insurgents’ ability to replenish their ranks as fast as they are killed.

“We are capturing or killing a lot of insurgents,” a senior Army intelligence officer said. “But they’re being replaced quicker than we can interdict their operations. There is always another insurgent ready to step up and take charge.”

Condi’s Reponse?:

Rice told TIME she believes the insurgents are “losing steam” as a political force, even though their ability to kill and maim at will appears undiminished. When Rice points to “rather quiet political progress” while the country remains embroiled in chaos, even some of her backers cringe. Says a Republican elder statesman: “I don’t have any sense of where she thinks she’s going on Iraq.”