York: Bush Officials Met With Chalabi Because ‘A Lot Still Believe’ Iraq Had WMD

How does serial fabricator Ahmad Chalabi manage to still open the most exclusive doors at the White House and the Pentagon? According to National Review’s Byron York, it’s because numerous Bush administration officials still believe (despite all the evidence) that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

From last night’s Hardball:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Why is the Vice President and other administration officials like Rumsfeld seeming to reject the notion that this guy [Chalabi] is full of it?

BYRON YORK: A couple of reasons. One, he is now a high ranking Iraqi official.

MATTHEWS: Thanks to us.

YORK: We do recognize his position. And the other thing is, look, I think there are a lot of people in the administration who still believe that there were weapons of mass destruction somewhere that they were spirited away or in some way not found.

MATTHEWS: Who would — who do you know believes that?

YORK: I’m not going to say any brand names, but they do believe that — it was not possible that all of the intelligence was totally wrong.

We can’t figure out which is worse: the fact that Bush officials are still clinging to the myth of WMDs in Iraq, or that they’re still turning to Chalabi to help confirm their misconceptions.