Americans and Iraqis Agree: U.S. Troops Need to Withdraw From Iraq

Two polls released this week show common ground between Iraqis and Americans – a strong majority in both countries support withdrawal of U.S. troops.

According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, two thirds of Americans support reducing the number of U.S. troops (66 percent) – up 18 points from 48 percent who supported reducing troops last summer.

This represents a 10-point increase in the percentage of Americans who want a troop withdrawal since President Bush starting his latest “stay the course” public relations campaign for his strategy in Iraq.

In Iraq, another new poll sponsored by the Program on International Policy Attitudes finds that 70 percent of Iraqis support withdrawing U.S. troops.

Democracy means in part that government policy is informed by the will of the people. If President Bush wants to advance democracy in Iraq and at home (not to mention improve U.S. and Iraqi security), he should give the people what they want – a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

Brian Katulis