Schumer: “The Devil Is In The Details”

Schumer gave his take on news that Dubai Ports World will transfer operations of U.S. ports to a “U.S. entity.” Watch it:


Let me say this: obviously this is a promising development but, of course, the devil is in the details. I think those of us who feel strongly about this issue believe that the U.S. part of the British company should have no connection to the United Arab Emirates or DP World, which is fully owned by the United Arab Emirates. So therefore, we would have to examine this proposal. The bottom line is, again, if the U.S. operations are fully independent in every way, that could indeed be promising. If on the other hand there is still ultimate control exercised by DP World, I don’t think our goals would be accomplished and obviously we’ll need to study this agreement carefully.

UPDATE: “A source involved in talks between the White House, Congress and DP World told CNN the exact meaning of the UAE firm’s statement is unclear.”

UPDATE II: NBC White House correspondent David Gregory wonders whether the White House coordinated Dubai Ports World’s announcement today:

The White House says they only knew of “rumors” of a deal, but one wonders whether there was coordination between the White House, DPW and Sen. John Warner, R-Va., who announced the agreement. It’s clear the White House knew, especially after meeting with congressional leaders this morning, that Congress was prepared to buck him on this.