Rumsfeld: ˜The Implication That There Was Something Wrong with the War Plan is Amusing

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been doing a series of softball interviews with hosts like Rush Limbaugh in an effort to rehabilitate his image. On Monday, Rumsfeld appeared on the Bill Cunningham Show and had this to say about the retired generals criticizing his management of the Iraq war:

Of course the implication that there was something wrong with the war plan is amusing almost because of the fact that the war plan’s fashioned by the combatant commanders and it’s reviewed in great detail by the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then it’s recommended to me and the President.

In other words, Rumsfeld is arguing that there is nothing wrong with the Iraq war planning “” but if there was anything wrong it wasn’t his fault. He’s blaming the combat commanders and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Rumsfeld doesn’t make these kind of statements in the mainstream media, probably because he knows a “pass the buck” strategy wouldn’t go over well. But this is the message he wants to deliver to his base of supporters.