NEW POLL: Americans View Bolton As Symbol Of Foreign Policy Failures

boltonbush.jpg Today the New York Sun reports that a new poll commissioned by the conservative Hudson Institute finds a majority of Americans believe if the United Nations is “no longer effective,” and if it cannot be reformed, it should be “scrapped altogether.” Frank Luntz, whose polling firm conducted the survey, said the results show Americans are “one scandal away from washing their hands” of the United Nations.

But an Aug. 25 Mellman Group poll obtained by ThinkProgress shows that Americans do support a strong United Nations, which has been consistently weakened by Bush’s foreign policy. Some highlights from the poll:

60 percent of Americans think it is better to work through the United Nations to share burdens and risks. (Compared with 31 percent who believe it is better to act decisively and alone.)

49 percent believe President Bush’s foreign policy has made the United States weaker. (Compared with just 28 percent who believe it has made us stronger.)

52 percent believe Bush’s foreign policy has made relationships with our allies weaker. (Compared with just 23 percent who believe it has made them stronger.)

61 percent believe that over the past few years, other countries’ images of the United States have become more negative. (Compared with just 15 percent who believe it has become more positive.)

55 percent believe it is time to change the course of Bush’s foreign policy. (Compared with 39 percent who want to stay the course.)

Luntz’s poll is an effort to boost Bolton’s prospects for confirmation in the Senate. But 64 percent of the American public view Bolton as a symbol of America’s foreign policy.