Poll: Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets Say Military Is Overstretched, Underequipped, a political advocacy group founded and funded by veterans, released the first-ever poll today of Iraq and Afghanistan vets. Respondents, most of whom were conservatives, delivered a shocking assessment of the equipment shortages and other hardships facing soldiers on the battlefield. Here are some key findings:

63 percent of all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans believe the Army and Marine Corps are overextended at this time. 67 percent of Army and Marine veterans believe their forces are overextended.

53 percent of respondents said they “did not always know who the enemy was” when they were engaged in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

42 percent of the veterans said their equipment was below the military standard of being 90 percent operational. 35 percent said their Humvees and trucks were not up-armored when they arrived in-country.

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