Biden: 12-14 Conservatives Would Vote To Change Course In Iraq If Senate Changes Hands

On Fox this morning, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) said the upcoming elections in November may determine whether the U.S. changes course in Iraq. If control over the Senate changes hands, “you’re going to see twelve to fourteen” conservatives “freed up to go out and join in a bipartisan way to tell the President we are seriously off course,” Biden said. He added that if elections don’t result in a change of control, then the administration will view it as a reaffirmation of stay the course. Watch it:


Biden said three conservatives have told him personally that they want to change course, but won’t state so publicly until the outcome of the elections is determined. If Biden’s assertions are true, nearly a dozen conservative Senators have come to the determination that the course in Iraq is failing, but are unwilling to speak out.

2,791 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq and this month has been the deadliest in Iraq this year. While troops are courageously fighting and dying in Iraq, conservative politicians at home can’t muster the courage to honestly state their views about the war.


WALLACE: Very briefly, Senator Biden, what’s at stake?

BIDEN: If the Democrats regain control, you’re going to see 12 to 14 Republicans freed up to go out and join in a bipartisan way to tell the President, we are seriously off course. If the Democrats don’t make gains, it will be a reaffirmation for this administration, stay the course, and I believe that will happen.

WALLACE: You think there are a dozen Republicans chomping at the bit?

BIDEN: I know there are at least three that approached me before we left.