Shays: ‘The Democrats…Own [Iraq] Now As Much As This President’


Appearing last night on MSNBC, Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT) claimed that “the Democrats may not want to own Iraq but they own it now as much as this President.” Watch it:


Democrats have not controlled the White House or either branch of Congress since the Iraq war began in 2003. Over that time, numerous leading Democrats have called for laws, resolutions, and hearings to prompt changes in our Iraq policy. Even when Democrats do assume control over Congress in January, the Bush administration will retain the authority to set many of our foreign policy and military priorities.

The more likely truth is that Chris Shays — who “voted for the war and then stubbornly supported President Bush’s ‘stay the course’ strategy until only three months ago, when he came out in favor of a timetable for withdrawal” — is just desperate to pass the buck.

Full transcript:

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you first about the Iraq war, you’ve been there so many times. You know the situation. What is it right now, the situation in Iraq with our troops?

SHAYS: Well, the problem is we’re a divided nation. We went into Iraq on a bipartisan basis and we’re gonna have to find a bipartisan solution, and the Democrats may not want to own Iraq but they own it now as much as this President. And that’s not a bad thing.