Hagel On Cheney Remarks: ‘He Has So Little Faith In This Country To Say Something Like That’

Yesterday on CNN, Vice President Cheney told Wolf Blitzer that “the biggest threat” in the Iraq war right now is that the American public may not have the “stomach for the fight.”

Responding to Cheney’s comments, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) told PBS Newshour host Gwen Ifill that it’s astounding the Vice President so “underestimates the people of this country” and “has so little faith in this country to say something like that.” Watch it:


Hagel also suggested that Cheney talk to the families of the soldiers and tell them “that they don’t have the stomach.”


GWEN IFILL: A final question, and for you both, and once again from Vice President Cheney. His interview, Senator Hagel, today at CNN, he said that part of what’s going on here is that people do not have the stomach to complete this mission. Senator Hagel, your response to that?

SEN. CHUCK HAGEL: Oh, I’m so sorry the vice president so underestimates the people of this country. He has so little faith in this country to say something like that. That’s an astounding statement from the vice president of the United States.

You’re telling me — or maybe more directly, maybe the vice president should tell the families of those who have lost their lives, over 3,000, and over 23,000 wounded, some very seriously for life, that they don’t have the stomach? Come on, let’s get real here.