Support The Troops, Help Stop The Escalation

Our guest blogger is Jon Soltz, chairman of and veteran of the Iraq war.jon.jpg

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, but today is the real V-Day in the House of Representatives – Vote Day. Finally, after weeks of wrangling and days of debate, Members of the House will lay down a vote declaring whether they are for the escalation in Iraq, or for the Troops. Most likely, the House resolution will pass easily with bipartisan support and attention will turn to the Senate, where Sen. Harry Reid is delaying the President’s Day recess to vote on it.’s veterans of Iraq will be spending the weekend in D.C. to help ensure a vote and passage. We’ve had meetings with half of the Senate, and a few dozen House offices. The vast majority of Democrats are eager to cast their vote for the resolution. On the Republican side, while there are many that won’t support it under any circumstances, I do get the sense from many more that they are genuinely struggling with the issue — whether to put country above party.

I can tell you that the only thing that moves members more than hearing from the troops is hearing from constituents. The Senate resolution will pass only if their phones are flooded with demands from their constituents. Please do your part and take a few seconds to make a call (800-614-2803) or write and then report back.

— Jon Soltz