Why They Hate Us: Mexico/Miss Universe Edition

whytheyhateus.jpgThe right wing is seething over the widely-circulated video showing Rachel Smith, the U.S. representative in the Miss Universe competition, being booed by an audience in Mexico after she fell during the evening gown competition. A sample of the outrage:

Michelle Malkin: “Yeah, we’re the nativists. Next, they’ll tell us the mob at the Miss Universe pageant was simply ‘doing the booing Americans won’t do.’ Will President Bush speak out against the treatment Miss USA received in Mexico?”

Sweetness & Light: “Let’s face it. Many Mexicans simply seem to hate the US. And yet they insist on coming here in droves. Why is that?”

Freedom Folks: “Neighbors? Unfortunately, and these are the lawn mower borrowing and never returning mooch neighbors that everybody hates to live next to.”

Here’s the video:

It’s a shame that Smith was booed, but we think she’ll manage to overcome this international scandal without (as Malkin suggests) President Bush “speaking out” in her defense. Instead, Bush should take a look at counterproductive U.S. policies that are breeding resentment in Mexico and around the globe. From the latest BBC/PIPA/WorldPublicOpinion poll from January 2007:

Mexican views of the US have remained consistently negative in recent years, with a slight majority (53%) seeing the US as a mostly negative influence in the world. Only 12 percent believe that the US is having a mainly positive influence.

The issue of US handling of the Iraq war earns the highest level of disapproval (80%), followed by a large majority (70%) that disapproves of the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo and other prisons. Two-thirds (67%) disapprove of the US on the issue of global warming… Four in five (80%) in Mexico view the US military presence in the Middle East as a destabilizing force.

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