Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA): White House Will ‘Tweak’ The ‘Petraeus Report’

Last week, the media reported — and the White House confirmed — that the so-called “Petraeus report,” which will document the conditions on the ground in Iraq, will not be authored by Gen. David Petraeus, but rather by the White House.

Yesterday, Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) “bravely agreed to attend a meeting of the antiwar Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.” Davis was asked by Iraq war veteran John Bruhns whether reports of the “Petraeus report” being “filtered through the White House” were true.

Davis responded that he assumed that the White House would “tweak” the report:

I just would assume that if it goes through the White House, they will take it and do what they, you know — I’m sure they will probably tweak it.

Watch it:


Davis added that it’s up to lawmakers to “ask the hard questions… notwithstanding what the report says.” He acknowledged that there have been generals in the past who have “come up and taken the party line,” but he said he’s “going to give Gen. Petraeus the benefit of the doubt on that.”

(HT: The Crypt)