Tauscher Warns Of Petraeus’ Conflict Of Interest In Reporting On Escalation

Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) added her name to the list of analysts and lawmakers who are raising concerns about Gen. David Petraeus’s “conflicting loyalty” between “the desire to please the president” and to report the unvarnished truth about Bush’s strategy.

In an interview with ThinkProgress, Tauscher said:

We have to be sanguine about the surge, and it’s [Petreaus’s] idea. He is a fabulous military officer and tremendous pedigree, but I don’t know anybody that doesn’t want to sell their idea and keep selling it. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t think that people that aren’t for his idea are critical. So I think he’s been put in a terrible position by the Commander-In-Chief.

Revealing the deep insecurity of life in Iraq — including inside the Green Zone — Tauscher said that a mortar fell near her compound during the one of her nights in Iraq.

Tauscher used the incident to note the “constant, constant, constant stress” that troops are under. “It’s not just going to the front line, it’s going to the chow line that is a place of danger in Iraq,” she said.

Watch it:


Tauscher said “we are breaking” the soldiers on the ground. “The number of suicides has gone up dramatically, the number of attempts have gone up geometrically. … It’s our duty to take care of these people as they take care of us.”