Anti-War Coalition Launches ‘Iraq/Recession’ Campaign, Tying Cost Of War To The Economy

Today, a coalition of progressive groups — including MoveOn, the Center for American Progress Action Fund , US Action, SEIU, VoteVets, and Americans United for Change — announced a new “Iraq/Recession” campaign, a $15 million nationwide effort to end the war and refocus our priorities here at home. The campaign will raise awareness of the domestic costs that have been neglected due to Bush and John McCain’s singular focus on Iraq.

John and Elizabeth Edwards joined in a conference call this morning to announce the campaign. “If the economy is your No. 1 issue when you’re voting, the war is also your No. 1 issue because there is a connection between the two,” Elizabeth Edwards said. Listen to John and Elizabeth’s remarks:


VoteVets unveiled a new ad today as part of the campaign, questioning McCain’s desire to stay in Iraq for a thousand years. In the ad, Rose Forrest — an Iraq war veteran — asks: “How about a thousand years of affordable health care? Or a thousand years of keeping America safe? Can we afford that for my child, Senator McCain? Or have you already promised to spend trillions of our dollars… in Baghdad?” Watch it:

A new poll of swing voters commissioned by US Action found that a huge majority — 69 percent of them — support ending the war and reinvesting in health care and new clean energy jobs. A recent AP poll found that 68 percent of Americans believe pulling our troops out of Iraq would help a great deal or somewhat in addressing our faltering economy.