Crocker: ‘Al Qaeda On The Afghanistan-Pakistan Border’ A Bigger Threat Than In Iraq

Joe Biden managed to get Ryan Crocker on the record as to where Crocker believes Al Qaeda is the bigger threat: In Iraq, or on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, where it escaped after the U.S. turned its attention to Iraq? Fortunately, Crocker gave an honest answer.

Watch it:

Conservatives often argue that the U.S. should stay in Iraq because Osama bin Laden believes it to be the central front in his war against the West, just as they do. They never seem to stop and think that maybe it’s not a good thing that they and Osama bin Laden agree on U.S. national security policy.

Spencer Ackerman has more. As does Democracy Arsenal.

Full transcript:

SEN. BIDEN: Mr. Ambassador, is Al Qaeda a greater threat to US interests in Iraq, or in the Afghan-Pakistan border region?

AMB. CROCKER: Mr. Chairman, Al Qaeda is a strategic threat to the United States wherever it is, in my view–

SEN. BIDEN: Where is most of it? If you could take it out? You had a choice: Lord almighty came down and sat in the middle of the table there and said ‘Mr. Ambassador you can eliminate every Al Qaeda source in Afghanistan and Pakistan, or every Al Qaeda personnel in Iraq,’ which would you pick?

AMB. CROCKER: Well given the progress that has been made again Al Qaeda in Iraq, the significant decrease in its capabilities, the fact that it is solidly on the defensive, and not in a position of–

SEN. BIDEN: Which would you pick, Mr. Ambassador?

AMB. CROCKER: I would therefore pick Al Qaeda in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area.

SEN BIDEN: That would be a smart choice.