On His Key Issue, McCain VP Pick Rolls The Dice

palinkuwait.jpgLooking at, here’s what we find on the national security positions of John McCain’s choice for vice-president:

Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy:

No issue stance yet recorded by

Sarah Palin on War and Peace:

No issue stance yet recorded by

Sarah Palin on Homeland Security:

Promote from within, in Alaska’s National Guard. (Nov 2006)

In an attempt to bind himself to the extreme social conservative base of his party and make news with an unknown, stunt VP pick, McCain has shortchanged the issue which he himself insists is the most important — national security.

Remember — seems like years ago now, way back before the entire Iraqi government endorsed Barack Obama’s plan for Iraq — when John McCain and his flunkies were attacking Obama for having been to Iraq only once? Though she did visit Alaska National Guard troops stationed in Kuwait in 2007, Sarah Palin has apparently been to Iraq…never.

We’d like to perform Wonk Room’s mission and examine Gov. Palin’s views on foreign policy, but no record of such views appears to exist. While we appreciate that Gov. Palin’s son is preparing to deploy to Iraq, and we recognize her accomplishments in defending Alaska from Russian colonization and polar bear attacks over the last year and a half, there is as yet no evidence on the question of Palin’s approach to America’s national security.