Reading: Apparently, It’s Not Fundamental For Weekly Standard Editors

mike-goldfarb.jpgReaders of this blog are aware that Weekly Standard web editor Mike Goldfarb — whose primary task as a McCain spokesman was to make Tucker Bounds seem competent — has a history of embellishing his stories with views either wrongly attributed or simply made up out of thin air (see here, here, and here.)

Goldfarb was at it again yesterday, attacking the pro-Israel, pro-peace group J Street, laughably misrepresenting their positions and accusing them of responding to criticism by blaming a “Jewish conspiracy…a cabal apparently run out of the Israeli embassy in Washington,” based on this story in the Jewish Week. But, while the JW item does cite sources who “said they believed the campaign [against J Street] was being mounted by major pro-Israel groups and by the Israeli Embassy in Washington,” none of those sources are J Street sources, as Goldfarb claims.

Interestingly, Goldfarb, who was complaining just last week about being called a thug because of his belief in the utility of the murder of Palestinian children, had no problem comparing liberal pro-Israel activists to terrorists, writing that “J Street, like Hamas, has provoked a disproportionate response from the Jews.”

I wonder if we should expect a similar apology to the one that Goldfarb’s fellow lil’ neocon fantasist Jamie Kirchick had to issue after he wrongly attributed positions to J Street and others? Wait and see!