Neocon Smear Machine: Rice, Ross, CNAS Part Of ‘Iran Lobby’

gaffney1.jpgFor anyone familiar with the work of neocon hysteric Frank Gaffney — who we last saw suggesting that Gov. Sarah Palin’s national security credentials had been achieved “by osmosis” — the fact that his organization’s new report on The Iran Lobby is a pathetic fog of alarmist innuendos and unsubstantiated assertions should come as no surprise.

But rather than spend valuable time demonstrating why the report’s research method makes “guilt by association” seem like a comparatively rigorous argumentative framework, I’ll just quote from the report’s conclusion (pg 25), which lists some of the people the report claims “have been associated in one way or another with the Iran Lobby”:

• Fletcher School professor and Middle East scholar, Dr. Vali Nasr, who will, as noted above, be Ambassador Richard Holbrooke’s senior advisor – a position that will assuredly involve decisions about dealings with Afghanistan’s neighbor.

Dr. Susan Rice, the Obama administration’s new Ambassador to the United Nations. Amb. Rice served on the board of directors for the Center for a New American Security. While CNAS is not formally connected directly with either NIAC or Trita Parsi, the foreign policy positions of its affiliates correspond strongly to the preferred policy positions of Tehran’s mullahs.

• Ambassador Dennis Ross, who will be a senior advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Iran policy, was previously an “Expert” for CNAS.

• Council on Foreign Relations Committee president and another CNAS “Expert” Richard Haas, reportedly is under consideration for a top job in the Obama foreign policy team.

Do you oppose air strikes on Iran? So do Tehran’s mullahs! Congratulations, you are now part of the Iran Lobby. But really, if the neocons ever intend to be taken seriously again, they need to get some of these characters in check.