Rep. Steve King Says He Didn’t Want To Be Invited To White House Meeting Anyway

inviteRep. Steve King (R-IA) is still seething about the bipartisan meeting on immigration reform that took place at the White House last week without him. King told One News Now, “If you’re a critic of Obama, you’re probably not invited to be part of the summit on immigration — which by the way is very, very fine with me.”

However, while claiming that he didn’t want to be invited anyway, King has spent the last week attacking Obama for not inviting more representatives that oppose “amnesty”:

KING: The White House stacked the deck and packed today’s summit with amnesty advocates. President Obama wants an amnesty bill, and while cynically creating a false perception of inclusiveness and bipartisanship, brought in a group that, almost without exception, supports his vision of rewarding law breakers…By not engaging with those who disagree with his pro-amnesty views, President Obama is holding an immigration summit that gives a cold shoulder to millions of Americans. As for me, I would much rather be on the outside of the White House speaking up for the Rule of Law than on the inside going through the motions.

Obama has indicated that he wants to start a productive dialogue on immigration reform and his meeting last week was aimed at uniting “problem-solvers.” A closer look at King’s record reveals that there’s probably a good reason why he did not fit the White House’s criteria. The Anti-Defamation League writes of King:

Congressman Steve King has characterized immigrants — both legal and undocumented — as criminals and disease-carriers. He has spoken alongside leaders of border vigilante groups and advocated a border “wall” topped with electrified wire to stop what he has called a “slow motion Holocaust” of undocumented immigration into the United States. King addressed the House of Representatives and asserted that undocumented immigration is “a slow-rolling, slow-motion terrorist attack on the United States.”

King’s views have won him the the wide support of several anti-immigrant organizations, some of which are identified hate groups. Restrictionist groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Numbers USA, and VDare have all praised King’s efforts and he has been a featured speaker at many of their events. King has also reportedly accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the nativist Minuteman PAC and the U.S. Immigration Reform (USIR) PAC, of which the wife of eugenacist John Tanton is the president.

King may have also been excluded from last week’s meeting because he is generally out of touch with most of the American public. King claimed that:

KING: The American people want this Administration to enforce existing immigration laws and secure our borders…The balance of the views inside the room at today’s White House immigration summit does not reflect the views of the American public.

However, a poll released today shows that 89% of King’s own GOP base of voters support comprehensive immigration reform that requires undocumented immigrants to register for legal status, pay back taxes, and learn English in order to be eligible for U.S. citizenship.