Huckabee To Broadcast His Fox News Show From An Israeli Settlement

hikind-huckabee1Israel’s Haaretz reports that “former U.S. presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee plans to broadcast his weekend show on Fox News” from a settlement construction site in East Jerusalem:

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind said Huckabee will air the talkshow during a solidarity visit to the site of the project, which is in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Hikind, who is active in right-wing Jewish causes, told Haaretz that dozens of U.S. activists will participate in the mission, in order to express their support for the project and the man behind it, Irving Moskowitz.

Hikind is a former follower of Meir Kahane, a Jewish extremist who was assassinated in 1990. Two Kahanist organizations, Kach and Kahane Chai, are on the U.S. State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Irving Moskowitz is a Florida-based gambling magnate who funds right-wing pro-Israel organizations in the United States and radical Israeli settler groups and settlement projects in the occupied territories, like the one in Sheikh Jarrah. Moskowitz is also a longtime funder of conservative think tanks like the Hudson Institute, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the Center for Security Policy (CSP).

Huckabee has been an outspoken supporter of Israeli settlements — and opponent of a two-state solution. Last July, Huckabee told World Net Daily that “the two-state solution is no solution, but will cause only problems. … The Palestinians can create their homeland in many other places in the Middle East, outside Israel.”


A source now tells me that Fox News has denied the Haaretz story, and that there are no plans to do ‘Huckabee’ from East Jerusalem.

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,Huckabee did end up traveling to Israel.

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