Homeland Security Official Sues Employer For Accidentally Raiding His Home


An employee of the Department of Homeland Security, Jimmy Slaughter, is suing his own agency for accidentally raiding his home this past Spring in search of an undocumented immigrant who didn’t live there. Slaughter’s lawyer claims that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents entered his house without a search warrant or probable cause. ICE authorities were looking for an immigrant woman whose mail had been incorrectly sent to the Slaughters’ residence. In an affidavit attached to the lawsuit Slaughter said:

“Is this the agency which protects our country? . . . Now my neighbors are wondering or believe I am just another ‘DIRTY COP!’ I have served my country proudly for 23 years in the Marine Corps and six years as a Customs K-9 handler. I bleed Red, White and Blue.”

Slaughter’s case was one of the many highlighted in a recent report released by the Cardozo School of Law which claims that federal immigration agents have violated their own agency rules as well as the Constitution while conducting home immigration raids. The report accused ICE agents of approaching their work with a “cowboy mentality” which has lead to severe misconduct and disregard for the rule of law. In the report Slaughter explains what happened:

I was at home with my wife when the door bell rang. I opened the door and noticed approximately 7 uniformed ICE agents with vests and guns standing at my door . . . I opened the door to look at the paperwork and five agents entered my house . . . . The agents then told my wife to stand in the center of ‘OUR’ living room. Not once did anyone say they had a warrant.”

Not only are ICE officials mistakenly raiding the homes of their colleagues, this weekend the San Francisco Chronicle also documented several recent instances in which US citizens have been accidentally detained and deported.