Dobbs Can’t Help Himself From Breaking Promise To Forbid Use Of ‘Illegal Alien’ On Air

Back in June, Lou Dobbs vowed to “absolutely forbid the use of the expression on my [Dobbs] broadcast and in my writing, of ‘illegal alien'” while praising Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for referring to foreigners who are not legally present in the US as “illegal immigrants” and not “undocumented immigrants.” Just a couple weeks ago, Dobbs also claimed to have never antagonized the immigrant community:

DOBBS: What do you mean crotchety old white guys can foam at the mouth about immigrants and blacks? First of all, you’ve never heard me foam at the mouth or in any way complain about immigrants. Don’t play your little left-wing games here because I have never said anything against any legal immigrant ever.

Old habits die hard. Less than a couple months later, Dobbs couldn’t help himself from using “illegal alien” while decrying the “Latinization” of the country:

DOBBS: An editor of the New York Times actually said to me point blank ‘we are absolutely driving Latinization of America. We think it’s important for the country.’ I’ve heard by the way, that’s from the left, from the right I’ve heard the same nonsense from the Chamber of Commerce. I mean, it’s crazy. We’ve gotta have illegal aliens in this country, according to one of their officers, so that we can pay Social Security. The nonsense you hear from the so-called “establishment” — whether the left or the right — is absurd.

Anyone who has ever listened to Dobbs has likely heard him repeatedly “foam at the mouth” about “illegal aliens” and legal immigrants alike. Aside from having warned that “the invasion of illegal aliens” was bringing leprosy to the US, Dobbs has also promoted the “Aztlan,” or “reconquista” conspiracy theory that Mexican-American U.S. citizens who have lived in this country for generations secretly plan to reconquer the southwest.

All of his “foaming at the mouth” led The New York Times to report that “Mr. Dobbs has a somewhat flexible relationship with reality.” It turns out Dobbs has a rather flexible perception of himself and his inflammatory rhetoric as well. Listen here: