Anti-Immigration Advocate Says Fellow Activists Not Racists Or Nativists

Today, NumbersUSA’s Jennifer Magyari posted a video entitled “Grassroots America” which Magyari claims “explains the importance of taking a stand [on immigration] and forcing our Congressmen to listen to our opinions.” The video also features Mariann Davies, member of “You Don’t Speak for Me!,” saying that the idea that anyone who opposes immigration is a “racist” or a “nativist” is “simply not the case.”

That may be true, but the rest of the video’s speakers aren’t exactly the best spokespersons to prove her point. To begin with, the video was posted by NumbersUSA — an organization which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as the “leading immigration-restriction group” whose Executive Director Roy Beck’s “close ties to a key nativist raise questions.” Beck is said to have worked and vacationed with eugenacist John Tanton, edited a book by white supremacist Wayne Lutton, and been referred to by Tanton as his “heir apparent.” If that’s not enough, Davies’ own group was organized by the president of a designated hate group, Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Both Beck and Stein are also featured in the “Grassroots America” video.

Davies’ argument is also weakened by John O’Sullivan — a conservative journalist who the Cato Institute describes as part of the “anti-immigrant crusaders” who “hijack legitimate concerns about security to advance their pet political cause [reduced immigration].” Davies claims that her colleagues aren’t nativists, but in “Grassroots America” O’Sullivan decides to attack bilingualism:

“I talked to people about the language issue. How it was that bilingualism was spreading everywhere, bilingual education programs were being increasingly adopted. The more people I spoke to, the more I became convinced that this was important, but also mistaken.”

In a separate clip, Spanish-speaking Cuban-American “activist” Roan Garcia-Quintana also stated:

It’s overwhelming — the people that testify for doing something to stop the illegal alien invasion are average citizens who all they care is to protect our heritage, our American culture, our way of life, and our language and not have all this new poverty — what I call 21st century slavery — be imposed upon us.”

Garcia-Quintana has made a point of making sure people know that his “family’s roots are in Spain,” and has described Mexican and Central American immigrants as “Indo-Hispanics” who “impose” their culture on him.

Stein wraps the video up with some harsh words of warning:

“Nobody has the right to force their way into my home. Nobody has the right to force their way into my country. And millions and millions of Americans all across this nation believe it too. And they’re not going to take this lying down.”

Watch it: