Limbaugh Forgets Not All Latinos Are ‘Illegal Aliens’

On his radio show this afternoon, shock jock Rush Limbaugh wondered why Latino groups are “lobbying” for the health care bill if “illegal immigrants” aren’t covered:

“If illegal aliens are not going to get Obamacare — and he’s been telling everybody that this week — why are the following groups lobbying for Obamacare via Health Care for America Now?…Here are the groups: The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the National Council of La Raza — by the way, La Raza the steering committee for Health Care for America Now, The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health — I’m sorry, the National Latina Institute for tax-payer funded abortion. If illegal immigrants aren’t going to get Obamacare, how come all of these Hispanic groups are lobbying for it?


It may come as a surprise to Limbaugh that not all Latinos are “illegal immigrants.” In fact, most Latinos have been here for generations and many are legal immigrants. Organizations like “La Raza,” LULAC, and others support health care reform because — despite explicitly excluding undocumented immigrants — they know it will benefit many in the Latino community who will be eligible to receive its benefits.

In response to Limbaugh’s comments, LULAC National President Rosa Rosales said:

“We want Rush Limbaugh to stop the lies about credible Hispanic civil rights organizations…If he had engaged in dialogue with us or read the proposed legislation he would have known and not falsified the facts. Limbaugh has insulted the largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the country.”

According to experts, one in three Latinos does not have health insurance.