Michael Savage: ‘Illegal Aliens’ Are An ‘Invading Organism’

Yesterday, “shock jock” radio host Michael Savage went into a nonsensical rant about how his father used to take him to the “filthy dirty” lower East Side so that he would develop an immunity to “microbes.” Somehow, his childhood story led him to conclude that undocumented immigrants are like invading snails, and Americans are the local clams and oysters that must contend with an “invading organism“:

“Why do you think that an invading snail can be dropped in the bay from off a back of a ship. It comes — let’s say from China — in a back of a freighter and it swims off in a bay in America. And it wipes out all the local clams. It wipes out the oysters because it’s hardier and the local oysters don’t have an immunity to it. It’s the same with invading cultures. Put your moronic heads together. The illegal aliens, whether you love them or you don’t love them, are an invading organism in a certain way. On a biological level you know I’m right.”


While Savage worries about invading snails, the British government is more concerned with keeping out people who foster extremism and hatred. That’s why Savage’s name was added to a list of people who would be detained and refused entry by British immigration authorities if he attempted to visit the country.