Dallas Woman Ticketed For Not Speaking English

The Dallas Morning News reports that Ernestina Mondragon, a native Spanish-speaker who is still learning English, was wrongfully issued a ticket by an officer in training for not speaking English. Non-English speakers aren’t allowed to operate taxis or commercial vehicles in Texas, however Mondragon has every right to be on the road in her private car according to state and local law.

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A local Dallas news station explains that the new police officer may have been confused. “Rookie” Officer Gary Bromley also issued Mondragon a citation for a wrongful U-turn and driving without a license. Mondragon was running late taking her 11-year-old daughter to school and had left her driver’s license at home. The error went inexplicably unnoticed by his supervising officer, who was with him the morning he issued Mondragon the ticket.

Throughout the years, English-only bills have been considered by the Texas state legislature — including one that sought to designate English as the official language of the State of Texas. Yet so far, non-English speakers in Texas are still allowed to drive.

Watch the local news report: