NRO’s McCarthy: Adm. Mullen’s, Gen. Petraeus’ Position On Gitmo Is ‘Loopy’

McCarthy_photoNational Review’s resident birther/deather fruitcake Andy McCarthy argues that “If a deal to grant military commissions in exchange for closing Gitmo happens, it is a major win for the Obama Left and an enormous loss for public safety.”

Senator Graham and others will tell you such an outcome will be a great victory for national security conservatives who think terrorists should be tried by commission. Don’t buy it. The deal would be a great victory for the terrorists. […]

In sum, we were winning the argument. But instead, in Gang of 14 style, Senator Graham and whoever else are treating the president like he has cards to play. Rather than just be quietly embarrassed over their loopy position that Gitmo causes terrorism, these senators are using that fiction as a reason for trading away Gitmo (i.e., a facility we need) in order to achieve military commission trials for enemy combatants (i.e., something we’d get anyway without the trade).

Last year, Chairmain of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mullen told ABC “the concern I’ve had about Guantanamo in these wars is it has been a symbol — and one which has been a recruiting symbol for those extremists and jihadists who would fight us… That’s at the heart of the concern for Guantanamo’s continued existence.”

Explaining why he supports closing Gitmo, CENTCOM Commander General David Petraeus told Fox News last year “Gitmo has caused us problems, there’s no question about it. I oversee a region in which the existence of Gitmo has indeed been used by the enemy against us.”

I’d love to see McCarthy explain to Adm. Mullen and Gen. Petraeus why their support for closing Gitmo is “loopy.” After that, maybe he can ask them if they’ve actually seen the president’s real birth certificate.