Jan Brewer ‘Is Not Talking To Local Media,’ Refuses To Answer Questions On Beheadings Claims

This morning, I reported on ThinkProgress that Gov. Jan Brewer’s (R-AZ) election campaign pulled all of its advertisements from a local Phoenix station, CBS5’s KPHO TV, after the network reported that “two of Brewer’s top advisers have connections” to private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). The governor’s campaign confirmed it ceased advertising on the station due to the network’s investigation of Brewer. Meanwhile, KPHO still hasn’t received an answer as to whether Brewer’s two top advisers informed her on what their client, CCA, would gain from the signing of SB-1070.

It turns out KPHO isn’t the only Arizona local news station that’s having trouble getting answers from Brewer. Today, Fox10’s KSAZ reported that, following her embarrassing debate against gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard (D-AZ), Brewer would not answer reporters’ question on why she did not directly respond to Goddard’s accusation that she is damaging Arizona’s image and business prospects by portraying the state as a violent place because of border-related crime. More specifically, both during and after the debate, Brewer refused to address an appearance on Fox News’ On the Record with Great Van Susteren in which she falsely stated that SB-1070 is necessary because there are “beheadings” taking place in Arizona. KSAZ reports:

Goddard accused Brewer of damaging Arizona’s image and business prospects by portraying the state as a violent place because of border-related crime. Goddard said that’s untrue and outrageous and she should admit she’s wrong. “There are no beheadings that was a false statement and it needs to be cleared up right now,” he said.

She responded, “Terry I will call you out, I think you ought to renounce your support of the unions that are boycotting our state.” He dismissed her demand, saying he opposes the boycott.

Afterward, reporters asked her why she didn’t answer Goddard about the beheadings. They said, “About the headless bodies? Why won’t you recant that… do you still believe that?” She turned on her heel and left the post-debate news conference — and the reporters were left grumbling.

Watch it:

At the end of the segment, KSAZ reporter Steve Krafft, remarked, “The governor has repeatedly talked to the national media — she’s become a star around the country…but curiously she is not talking to local media, she is not talking to local reporters.” Ironically, Brewer’s public affairs consultants suggested KPHO reporter Morgan Loew was investigating Brewer simply because he’s “itching to get out of his native Arizona and head to the network big-time.”