Syria’s Ambassador To France Resigns Live On TV In Protest Of The Regime’s Violent Crackdown On Unarmed Civilians

Today live on France 24 TV, Syrian Ambassador to France Lamia Chakkour announced that she had informed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that she has resigned because of Assad’s brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters there:

CHAKKOUR: I can no longer continue to support this cycle of extreme violence against unarmed civilians. I can no longer ignore all the strong men, women and children who have died. I have informed the president’s private secretary that it is my intention to tender my resignation to President Bashar Assad. I recognize the legitimacy of the people’s demands for more democacy and freedom. My resignation as Syrian ambassador in France will take effect immediately.

The France 24 anchor reported that Chakkour’s resignation was “confirmed by the authorities in Syria.” Watch it:

Chakkour’s resignation comes on the heels of recent reports of videos showing Syrian soldiers planting ammunition on the bodies of dead men presumed to have been anti-government demonstrators. Other videos have surfaced that, as the New York Times reported, “seem to have been filmed as souvenirs by men taking part in military operations against protesters.” The AP reported late last month that at least 900 have died during the uprising, “making it one of the deadliest of the Arab Spring.” The Syrian regime’s brutality has reportedly included the torture and murder of children.

The French announced that they would push for a UN resolution condemning the Syrian governement for the violent crackdown. Russia has pledged to veto that resolution. (HT: @AmoonaE)


The New York Times reports that Chakkour’s announcement “was thrown into confusion when Syrian television broadcast an audio denial by woman identified as the ambassador. The embassy in Paris, which had confirmed the resignation to Reuters, could not be reached Tuesday night.”

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