National Security Brief: June 27, 2011

— A new poll conducted for The Hill found that 39 percent of likely voters feel that the pace of Obama’s plan to withdraw from Afghanistan is “about right,” while 30 percent say it’s not fast enough and 28 percent think the President is pulling troops out too hastily.

— President Obama is allowing his commanders in Afghanistan to decide critical details of his troop withdrawal plan, “including the number of troops to depart first and whether any of those will be combat forces.”

— The International Criminal Court today issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and his son and intelligence chief. The charges cover alleged crimes since the latest popular uprising.

— Insurgents in Afghanistan tricked an 8-year-old girl into carrying a bomb wrapped in cloth that they detonated remotely when she was close to a police vehicle, the Afghan authorities said Sunday.

— After criticisms of an Israeli government warning to journalists seeking to cover the flotilla to break the siege of Gaza, top Israeli officials are reconsiderig the ten year ban from Israel for journalists who go aboard the ships.

— The U.S. is sending $45 million in military hardware — including unmanned “drone” aircraft — to Uganda and Burundi to help finance the fight against terrorism in neighboring war-torn Somalia.

— After releasing a politically-active artist last week, the Chinese government released a one-time Nobel contender who worked on issues of AIDS victims and the environment.

— Companies with investments in Iran will no longer be eligible to bid on state contracts in California, which is one of the world’s largest economies with high concentrations of Iranian expats.