Glenn Beck: Bibi Netanyahu Buys My Conspiracy Theories!

As part of his whirlwind tour of Israel — including a speech yesterday to Israel’s parliamentformer Fox News personality Glenn Beck sat down for a television interview junket. An Israeli interviewer asked Beck, presumably promoting his August rally there (to be attended by, among others, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT)), about criticisms that he engaged in spreading wild conspiracy theories. Beck replied that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believed the same things Beck did, and that the right-wing prime minister had “evidence.” As soon as the TV anchor asked what Beck meant, an off screen voice declared the interview was over. Here’s how it went down:

ANCHOR: The people who criticize you back home are saying that your show was inflammatory. You accused President Obama and his administration with what they label as conspiracy theories about socialists and Stalinists…

BECK: Lemme stop you…

ANCHOR: …communists in America…

BECK: Lemme stop you. Your own prime minister gave that speech. When you wanna call Benjamin Netanyahu a conspiracy theorist, have at it. That there are socialists, there are communists, there are Islamists, there are radicals from the 1960s from America, that all believe in one thing: the destruction of the western way of life. […]

If you still don’t believe it, go talk to your Prime Minsiter, because he has evidence. Yes, it’s happening!

ANCHOR: What do you mean?

VOICE OFF CAMERA: Thank you. We have to conclude. Sorry.

Watch the video:

The muffled off-mic voice, speaking with an Israeli accent, seems to be a savvy Beck handler who knows exactly when to rein things in — just when Beck is about to launch into the “evidence” to support conspiracy theories that have even been denounced by the likes of neoconservative don Bill Kristol.

But perhaps Beck has gleaned something from Netanyahu on the sidelines of one of their many interviews or meetings over the years.

Beck’s visit to Israel also included his speech to the Israeli Knesset, a visit to the Temple Mount, a meeting with the former head of an Israeli terrorist organization, and a tour of the Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. (HT: Didi Remez)