Herman Cain In 2008: Iraq Should Pay U.S. Back For Invading Their Country

Last month, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) offensively proposed to the Iraqi Prime Minister that Iraq monetarily repay the United States for invading and occupying his country. Rohrabacher has stood by his words since and refused to apologize.

Now, ThinkProgress has unearthed a radio clip from 2008 where current GOP presidential primary candidate Herman Cain offered a similar suggestion. During a conversation with radio hosts Neal Boortz and Clark Howard, Boortz suggested that Iraq “pay us back with oil.” Cain responded that there’s “a lot of merit” to the idea and that we “should be getting paid back some of that money”:

BOORTZ: Why don’t we tell Iraq pay us back with oil?

CAIN: I think there’s a lot of merit into that idea. They’re having their political interum squabbles, when we should be getting paid back some of that money.

Watch it:

One has to wonder how Cain and Rohrabacher expect Iraqis to seriously want to repay the United States for an invasion that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thouands of people, millions of refugees, and a shattered national infrastructure.