EXCLUSIVE: Frank Gaffney Says Pres. Bachmann Could Uproot Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrators In U.S.

ThinkProgress filed this report from the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, CO.

Last week, journalist Eli Lake reported that, in order to glean a perspective on Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s prospective foreign policy, sources repeatedly told him he “should talk to Frank Gaffney.”

Gaffney told Lake that his work and that of the neoconservative think-tank he runs, the Center for Security Policy, were “a resource she has tapped.” Gaffney described Bachmann as a “friend” with whom he’d shared his Team B II report alleging that the Obama administration has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood (in fairness to the Obama administration, Gaffney accuses just about everyone he disagrees with — including the organizers of the conservative CPAC conference — of being part of the Islamist group).

In an exclusive interview with ThinkProgress at the Western Conservative Conference in Denver, CO, Gaffney again described Bachmann as a friend and said he hadn’t been officially advising her since she declared her run for the GOP nomination. But he did say he could count on Bachmann to work at cleansing the country of the pernicious influence of the Muslim Brotherhood:

GAFFNEY: As worrying as the violent jihad is, there is at least as much to be concerned about with respect to the stealth jihad. And you need to understand who’s engaged in pursuing that and the techniques that they’re using and the progress that they’re making. […]

THINKPROGRESS: Do you think [Bachmann] takes the threat seriously and understands the gravity?

GAFFNEY: I think she does, yeah. I think there are less candidates that seem less seized with it or at least acquainted with the problem. But I’m hoping that in the course of this campaign it will be something that is really a clarifying time […]

THINKPROGRESS: She might be able to uproot some of this Brotherhood infiltration that we’ve seen?

GAFFNEY: If she were elected president she probably could. If she’s not and she’s an effective candidate she can. I think the point is to have as many other candidates become knowledgable and conversant and using their time on the campaign trail to educate people.

Watch the video:

You can almost hear Members of Congress now, with President Bachmann’s blessing, hauling Americans into hearings to ask: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood of the United States?”

So which other of Gaffney’s conspiracy theories can we expect to see a President Michele Bachmann pursue? His flirtation with birtherism? His contention that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan will impose Shariah law on the U.S.? Or that now-C.I.A. chief Gen. David Petraeus is submitting to Shariah?