Gingrich In 2004: Don’t Cut U.N. Funding; Gingrich In 2011: Cut U.N. Funding

Newt Gingrich is upset the Palestinians are seeking statehood recognition at the United Nations. In an op-ed on Human Events today, Gingrich even went so far to say that “Western countries” voting in favor “would also strengthen terrorists’ belief that their commitment to violence.” And in order to prevent such a move, Gingrich proposes that the United States cut off nearly $8 billion in yearly funding to the U.N. But as UN Dispatch’s Mark Leon Goldberg points out, in 2004, Gingrich co-chaired the United States Institute of Peace study group on U.N. reform with George Mitchell. And what did this study group propose? As Goldberg notes, “a smart, balanced approach that did away with 1990s vintage threats of withholding UN funding in exchange for USA-mandated reforms.” “I can’t help think that the Gingrich of 2004 would be appalled at the reasoning of 2011 Gingrich,” says Goldberg.