John Yoo Gives Obama ‘Half-Victory’ On Libya, Rips ‘Isolationist’ GOP

“Torture Memo” author John Yoo, who argued in June that President Obama ordered an air war in Libya for “Democratic Party goals,” writes today that the fall of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi represents a “half-victory” for the president (which is more than the field of GOP candidates are allowing). While baselessly attacking the administration on the counterfactual that “Obama’s foot-dragging prolonged the Libyan civil war and will reduce our ability to influence the post-Qaddafi regime,” Yoo saves most of his ire for the “GOP’s new isolationist wing in the House.” Yoo proposes Republicans instead pursue a collage of right-wing platitudes: “[S]preading of democracy, freedom, and markets through persuasion, coercion, and sometimes force provides a principled foreign policy that is consistent with America’s greatness.”