Perry’s Theocratic Foreign Policy: ‘As A Christian I Have A Clear Directive To Support Israel’

Today, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) held a news conference in New York City where he attacked President Obama’s Middle East policies and called upon the United States to be more stridently supportive of the actions of the Israeli government.

At one point, a reporter asked Perry how he views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of his Christian faith. Perry replied by saying that as a “Christian,” he has a “clear directive to support Israel”:

PERRY: As a Christian I have a clear directive to support Israel, from my perspective its pretty easy both as an American and a Christian. I am going to stand with Israel.

In 2009, Perry struck a similar tone talking with the Weekly Standard. “My faith requires me to support Israel,” he said. One has to wonder what other foreign policy initiatives Perry feels he is directed to take from the Bible.


Salon’s Justin Elliott has more, including a fuller transcript of Perry’s remarks.

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