U.S. Tax Deductible Contributions Support Israeli Settler Organization’s ‘Shoot To Kill’ Campaign

Armed Israeli settlers

Earlier this week, an Israeli settler and his 18-month-old son were killed when the man lost control of his car after being hit by stones thrown by Palestinians. This deplorable incident, however, has resulted in an irrational reaction from some Israelis, who are launching a grassroots “shoot to kill” campaign. The hardline Israeli pro-settler website Arutz Sheva reports:

A new campaign is calling on Israelis to shoot to kill if they encounter deadly Palestinian Authority Arabs throwing rocks at drivers […] The grassroots group behind the campaign, SOS-Israel, claims similar words were said in the past by none other than Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

SOS Israel is an Israel-based organization supporting Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank. U.S. donors are directed to send their contributions via Machanaim Inc, a U.S.-based 501c3 nonprofit organization. This means that donations to SOS Israel — via Machanaim — are tax deductible, which means that American taxpayers are subsidizing them. SOS Israel explicitly states their mission as:

SOS Israel was founded in 5763 (2003) to oppose and fight the political accords with the Arabs that include land or security concessions. SOS Israel is against giving up any part of Eretz Yisroel – the Holy Land – or compromising the security of those that live there.

While SOS Israel tries to portray their vigilante campaign as a form of self-defense, settlers have for years committed acts of “price tag” violence against Palestinians and their property in response to efforts to constrain settlement growth. A recent analysis by Israel’s Shin Bet security agency concluded that “price tag” attacks by right-wing Jewish activists in the West Bank should be considered terrorist activity.

Settler communities across the West Bank also appear to be embracing more violent rhetoric against their Palestinian neighbors. Ma’an news agency reports that posters reading “We will slaughter Arabs” were displayed on the fence surrounding Efrat settlement.

Indeed, the extreme anti-Muslim sentiment is on full display in a video hosted on SOS Israel’s YouTube channel. The video offers a conspiratorial explanation for how Muslims, through a combination of immigration and high birth rates, plan to dominate the West. Watch it:

Disturbingly, SOS Israel is able to spread with their hateful message in Israel and offer assistance to settlements — whose construction runs counter to U.S. government policy and international law — while giving their donors the financial benefit of a U.S. tax deduction.