Syrian State Newspaper Warns Robert Ford Of More ‘Unpleasant Treatment’

Last week, pro-regime groups in Syria attacked U.S. ambassador Robert Ford and his American delegation as it was visiting a Syrian opposition leader. Today, Syrian state newspaper Al Baath warned Ford to stop meddling in Syrian affairs. “If you want to avoid rotten eggs, you should advise your country to stop its blatant interference in Syrian affairs and its feverish efforts to seek sanctions against Syria from the U.N. Security Council,” the newspaper said. But in a post Friday on the embassy’s Facebook page, Ford said the attack was more than just “rotten eggs.” “Protesters threw concrete blocks at the windows and hit the cars with iron bars,” Ford wrote, “One person jumped on the hood of the car, tried to kick in the windshield and then jumped on the roof. Another person held the roof railing and tried to break the car’s side window.” Al Baath said Ford should expect further “unpleasant treatment” if he continues to defy the regime.