Former FBI Interrogator: Cheney Owes Obama An Apology For A Lot Of Stuff

Former FBI Interrogator Ali Soufan, who became a prominent critic of the Bush administration’s aggressive interrogation policies after leaving the Bureau, told a Washington audience today that former Vice President Dick Cheney owed President Obama an apology. Cheney and his daughter Liz said this week that Obama owed apologies to the Bush administration and the country for slandering them. Some politicians, like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) dismissed the call, but Soufan’s reaction was stronger. “I think if Mr. Cheney wanted to apologize for not getting [Osama] bin Laden, for not getting the top leadership of al Qaeda, for the enhanced interrogation techniques that have caused more problems than anything else, the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Soufan.