Liberal Jewish Group: Emergency Committee For Israel Should Cut Ties To Board Member

The liberal American Jewish group J Street today called on the neocon Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) to cut ties to a board member who last week described in vivid detail a violent fantasy directed at Palestinians. When Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was freed in a prisoner swap, ECI board member Rachel Abrams (wife of Bush adviser Elliott Abrams) called Palestinian children “devils’ spawns” and said that, instead of imprisoning Palestinian militants, Israel should make them “food for sharks.” In a release today, J Street chief Jeremy Ben-Ami said he was “appalled by the unhinged rant filled with incitement and hate speech,” adding that if ECI wants “to have any credible claim to a place in the pro-Israel community, they must cut ties with Ms. Abrams immediately.” Other Jewish-American groups have harshly criticized ECI in the past.


ECI responded to J Street in a statement to the Washington Jewish Week saying that the group “look(s) forward to many years of working under the leadership of Rachel Abrams, Bill Kristol, and Gary Bauer.”

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