Graham: Cutting Off Funds To U.N. Orgs Isn’t ‘In Our Near-Term Or Long-Term Interest’

Foreign Policy reports that a number of senators from both parties are predicting that the United States will “cut funding or even withdraw from several other international organizations the Palestinians seek to join” in the wake of UNESCO granting Palestinian membership this week. A ’90s-era law requires that the U.S. cut funds to any U.N. agency that admits the Palestinians. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) noted that withdrawing or cutting funds from more international organizations “would be a great loss” and “catastrophic for the U.S.-U.N. relationship,” and admitted, “I don’t think that’s in our near-term or long-term interest.” So while Graham acknowledges that abandoning these international organizations is not good for the United States, he doesn’t think American law or policy is the problem. Instead, Graham blames the United Nations: “The world has to make a decision. … If the U.N. is going to be a body that buys into Palestinian statehood…then they suffer. It’s a decision they make,” he said.