Herman Cain: ‘I’m Not Supposed To Know Anything About Foreign Policy’

It’s a perfect set up for a joke. After initial stumbles on straightforward questions, GOP presidential pizza aficionado Herman Cain declared himself “the tiger in the tall grass” on foreign policy: “I’m not foreign policy dumb as they think.” Having supposedly studied up with ambassadors and national security experts, Cain challenged anybody “who says I wouldn’t know how to address foreign policy.” Then, a reporter asks him about his position on Libya and Cain delivers the punchline: An excruciatingly awkward, five-minute long failure to find an answer. After initially trying to blame the flub on a lack of sleep, he’s now fully embracing his mistake. In another interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Cain delivered yet another doozy: “I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy. Just thought I’d throw that out.” “I want to talk to commanders on the ground. Because you run for president [people say] you need to have the answer. No, you don’t! No, you don’t!” he said. “That’s not good decision-making.”


On Laura Ingraham’s radio show today, recent Cain defender and fellow candidate Newt Gingrich stopped short in seconding Cain’s assertion: “I think it’s fairly important in a dangerous world for the president to know something about foreign policy.”

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