Afghans In Danger Working For U.S. Can’t Obtain Visas

Last August, the Associated Press reported that about 2,300 Afghans had applied to a special program that awards U.S. visas to Afghans that have worked for the U.S. government for at least one year and are in danger because of their work. At that time, no visas had been given. Now, nearly four months later, Reuters reports that nothing has changed. Of the now 2,630 applicants, 48 have been rejected, one has been interviewed and “[n]ot a single visa has been handed out under the program.” “I will be worried about my life” when U.S. and NATO troops leave, said one Afghan who has worked for USAID for the last two years. “That is my concern. If I have not heard anything from this program. I don’t know what my other option would be after 2014,” he said.