PHOTOS: Last Troops Leave Iraq: ‘That’s It, The War Is Over’

The final convoy of American troops to leave Iraq crossed the border into Kuwait early this morning, finally marking the end of the nine-year military misadventure in the country. At the height of the war, more than 170,000 U.S. troops were in Iraq at more than 500 bases; now, just 150 U.S. troops will remain at the U.S. embassy. There will, however, be 16,000 people involved the diplomatic mission there — the larges diplomatic effort ever — including thousands of security contractors.

That’s it, the war is over,” NBC’s Richard Engel quoted one of the last soldiers out as saying. Photos of the pull out:

The last column of U.S. troops leaving Iraq crosses into Kuwait

Iraqis wave at an armored vehicle as it leaves the country.

A U.S. soldier celebrates as his vehicle crosses the border

A member of the Kentucky National Guard kisses the ground after landing in Indianapolis, Indiana