U.S. Intel Study: Water Shortages To Fuel Instability

Bloomberg reports that a new report from the Director of National Intelligence — drafted primarily by the Defense Intelligence Agency — that is to be released today finds that competition for increasingly scarce water resources over the next 10 years in will fuel instability in regions such as South Asia and the Middle East. “Many countries important to the United States will experience water problems — shortages, poor water quality, or floods — that will risk instability,” the study said. “North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia will face major challenges coping with water problems.” Bloomberg says the report “reflects a growing emphasis in the U.S. intelligence community on how environmental issues such as water shortages, natural disasters and climate change may affect U.S. security interests.”


See CAP’s report (and website) on Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict for more on addressing the costs and consequences of climate change.

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