Clinton: Unilateral Israeli Attack On Iran Now ‘Is Not In Anyone’s Interest’

Yesterday in an interview with ABC News, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated that Obama administration’s position that it prefers to a diplomatic solution to resolving the crisis surrounding Iran’s nuclear program. “We really believe in giving diplomacy a chance, perhaps a last chance to demonstrate a way forward,” Clinton said, later adding that a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran is “not in anyone’s interest”:

REENA NINAN: How successful has the U.S. been in getting and preventing Israel from taking unilateral action against Iran?

CLINTON: Well we’ve worked very hard with Israel on all levels from the military, intelligence, strategic, diplomatic level to make sure we were sharing information, that we knew what each other was assessing. And it’s our very strong belief, as President Obama conveyed to the Israelis, that it is not in anyone’s interest for them to take unilateral action. It is in everyone’s interest for us to seriously pursue at this time the diplomatic path.

Watch the full interview (with Clinton’s comments on Iran starting at 1:30):

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Clinton’s view is shared not only by top U.S. officials — including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and reportedly Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey — but also Republicans in Congress, senior Israeli officials and the Israeli public.

A potential Iranian nuclear weapon is widely considered a threat to both the security of the U.S. and its allies in the region, and the nuclear non-proliferation regime — though U.S. and Israeli intelligence has not concluded that Iran has made a decision to pursue a weapon. The Obama administration — as Clinton said in her interview with ABC — vows to keep “all options on the table” to deal with the possibility, but the efficacy and consequences of a strike raise serious questions, leading the U.S. to pursue, for the meantime, a pressure track aimed at a negotiated resolution of the Iranian nuclear crisis.