National Security Brief: Hague Doesn’t Rule Out Force In Syria

— British Foreign Secretary William Hague yesterday refused to rule out Western military intervention in Syria, admitting that it would be more complex than the Libya campaign but that it could not be excluded if Syria’s downward spiral continues.

— An Egyptian military spokesperson said former leader Hosni Mubarak “entered today into full coma.” Mubarak’s health “has been deteriorating” since he was sentenced to life in prison, the spokesperson said, “with high blood pressure, problems breathing, and irregular heartbeat.”

— The top three candidates for Mexico’s presidency “have all promised a major shift in the country’s drug war strategy, placing a higher priority on reducing the violence in Mexico than on using arrests and seizures to block the flow of drugs to the United States.”

— Pakistan’s powerful Chief of Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani denied a request for a meeting by visiting U.S. assistant defence secretary, Peter Lavoy. “Yes, it is correct that a meeting was requested but the General Headquarters declined. We are not aware if Peter Lavoy was given any reasons,” Pakistani officials said.

— A bipartisan group of nearly 30 senators “have been meeting behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, busily discussing possible funding alternatives that could be formulated into a compromise sequestration plan.”